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08 July

08 July 2017 – Cannabis Oil Journey

I am so so sorry. I am 59 years old and have a brain tumor but I think i will make it.

I have thought about dying a lot. In fact I thought about it so much that I figured out that it will happen now or later and for some reason I have become ok with that.

Instead of thinking of the death as being sad, I finally was able to think of it as my goal, I have completed it. Now of course I can understand how thats a very hard way to think but to me the fact is true, and more than likely the fact is true for you also.

I don’t think about the pain and what all of this is doing to me, because I’m not a doctor thats not my job, the doctor is doing his best to do his job and keep me going so i don’t look at that anymore.

What I do think about however is all of the people I have meant in my life and all of the happiness I have had, and even the things that where so screwed up are now past and everything is alright now. I think about all of the men i did different things with and all of the women that i have meant in my life and the happiness I have had.

Remember dear that the doctors goal is to do his best for you. There is nothing we can do about this except do exactly what he wants us to do. Thats all. We can not help him in this matter except do what he says, and we will do it, but remember we are not the doctors and they will do there best.

Instead think about everything else that you have been though. Has there been someone that you haven’t seen in years and years that you can look up on facebook and say hello too. If you ever had big huge arguements with them, don’t contact them, who cares. Only people that may welcome a hello.┬áIs the best band in your life playing somewhere, have you man take you to see it.

Death is so very funny, and so very close. Even though i may not look at god as everyone else does, i do realize that this is just a miracle that we where able to do this. i mean, its amazing, me and you talking right now, the whole entire everything being able to be alive and breath for so many years. We as humans have had a wonderful gift, no no no, it’s way way more than a gift, it’s a word that hasn’t even been made up yet.. wonderful, peaceful, incredible, when we look into the planets around us, we have had everything. We are so lucky we have time to talk..

It may be over, but Im so glad i participated, and glad i meant you.. Good night and have the sweetest lovelyist dreams.. xoxoxo

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