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10 July

10 July 2017 – Cannabis Oil Journey

Hello hello, as if anyone is actually reading. Sigh. I’m reading Christopher Hitchens. He’s the WASPy CofE Brit that grew up in America. Then his mum came out as Jewish on her death bed, and Hitchens life changed. Not that he already hadn’t spent years researching religion. The cruelty of the Nazi’s came closer to home after his mother’s confession. Over the week-end I read Simon Baron-Cohen’s book about evil. He talks about autism, and I feel even more strongly that my thesis is accurate and it’s something I want to study. I believe that autism is part of an evolutionary process. Overwhelmingly men and boys are affected by this neurological difference. Men and boys are dramatically affected by war. In order for our species to continue men need to unsee what they’ve seen or done.


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