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17 July

17 July 2017 – Cannabis Oil Journey

I’ve hit the seventh (7) week of my Cannabis Oil ingestion. The Colorado Cannabis Company round child proof vials broke and Juan Carlo had to heat them up and get the oil out of them and put it into a syringe so I could take it. I only took about 1/10th of a gram for four (4) days. I experienced some anxiety starting on Day 2 that increased every day until I restarted my daily .35 gram. Now I have moved up to half a gram or 50 mg of CO. I am taking my CBD Oil every day but I don’t could how many drops. I just make sure I am taking five (5) drops or more at a time, every morning, and the Endoca is like 3500g CBD in the entire container. The new stuff I purchased from Jon Marsh is less expensive and a larger container, but less per drop.

There are a lot of things to do and nothing seems to be moving as fast as I would like. Juan Carlo is overwhelmed ¬†and yesterday I basically had to sit down with Mini Me and explain that if he wanted me alive he needed to start behaving as fig he was an adult living with other adults as opposed to a depressed angry non communicative teen. He understood and seems to be trying so I have no comment, but Pea is a real problem. Mini Me told us she’s been doing blow when we’ve been in Denver and that when he’s expressed real genuine fear by this new habit she replied that she really needed it. I can see how she thinks she needs it, but the product now, compared to the 80s is mostly Borax and other cheaper drugs used at cut. Coke is only about 50% pure on the streets of the 612.

Last week she said she wanted a Fitbit to monitor her sleeping and see her steps and whatever and I asked her to wait. On Saturday she was here dropping off clothes because I’ve listed a whole bunch of her and my clothes on eBay and Poshmark and they are selling. She’s here and yapping about paying $168 + tax for a Fitbit. I’d asked her to wait because I knew we could find it cheaper and I wanted to talk to her about our experiences with Jawbone, Fitbit, the Leaf tracker, and Garmin. But she can’t fucking listen. Then her debt load. I paid off most of her debt and then she went into receivership with one credit card bill of like $800 and the other credit card bill is like $2500 over her credit limit because some politician got rid of the credit card laws in America that state that a bank can’t allow you to go over your credit limit. So instead of her being able to control her spending she is paying something like 48% interest on the amount that is over and above her credit limit with like 28% APR on the initial amount. For example, $2500 has a 28% APR. That interest is something like $30/month but add the whopping 48% on another $2500 and you’re suddenly at some crazy fee, most likely $110/month in interest.

She earns about 50 grand a year and she is in massive debt and I no longer know how to get through to her.

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