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09 April

17 April 2012 Approaching

In an effort, that has lasted months, specifically since August 2011, I have purged many items. Right now my holding pattern is 37 items on luftwaffeboy eBay, three items on uberempyre eBay and eight items on Craigslist. I ended up with a 419er yesterday evening from a Craigslist posting. I often wonder who honestly buys into scams such as those?

But my real topic is also the tax season purge. Tax time can bring a lot of extra stress to business owners, of which I am one. But there’s one thing that can speed up the process and reduce your time spent preparing: simple organization. Create a basic filing system for key tax documents – and add to it throughout the year. It will save you a lot of time and frustration spent searching for the right documents at the last minute.

Now that electronic copies of everything is usually available online, you can download and store all your statements and bills in different directories on your computer. I also make a yearly Excel sheet to see what costs went up or down from the prior calendar year.

Of course your mileage may vary when you’re looking at brokerage or banking accounts. For example, US Bank only holds 18 months of statements, while Wells-Fargo holds seven years and, at least in my account, Fidelity has over 10 years of statements available online.

No one is immune to an audit. Remember to keep seven years of documentation, whether you own a business or not. Also, always shred any paperwork–say you receive a Visa card offer in the post and it has your name and other information on it, since you are “pre-approved.” Shred it! Someone can easily steal your identity that way.

Purge your paperwork, just like purging your home of unwanted and un-needed items. I honestly feel better now that things are slimmed down! I feel less is more, and I also feel more organized.

07 April

More Purging of the Excess

So, right now I have two eBay accounts and I’m going to bust through 100 listings alone in April. I made it to 75 in March. Purging is close, but not perfect. It honestly amazes me how many things I own. We cleaned out our Safety Deposit Box two weeks ago, before we went to LA for Spring Break with the two youngest kids.

There is so much stuff, it is almost over-whelming. My official tally, not including donations is over 1500 items sold. I still have furniture, pictures in frames (the frames are what people want, I’d think, since they are over 90 years old) and clothes galore. I still have to clean out my shoes, and all my pants and Jon’s closet. I have the time, but not really, because I really should be writing The Lost Partridge Kid, and my Crime Murder Mystery book.

I just think this whole collecting stuff is so much of what American culture has become, and I think it’s ridiculous. I did buy a couple of thinks in Beverly Hills. A gorgeous Jackie O. type suit by Prada… but I’d never get that chance again! Therefore I had to take it!