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03 July

Good Writers Come from Fucked Up Families

I was reading this blog post: http://woxo.blogspot.com/2012/01/are-you-fed-up-of-reviews.html, and then I went to see Roney’s bio for his book Dermaphobes on Amazon. Which HAS NO REVIEWS, BTW!!!

His bio states: “Sean F. Roney was born in Monterey County, California in 1979. California’s central coast region was a great place to grow up for Sean. Living almost halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco placed him in a wonderland of agriculture, forests and Pacific Ocean rocky beaches. The area sparked a lifetime of creative thinking, which carries on to this day in the form of stories.”

You have got to be kidding me! All my friends who are excellent fiction writers all grew up being fucked up, fucked around, and had to deal with the nuttiest sets of families. IMO, that is what makes a great writer: self-deprecating humour, a massively fucked up family (my Uncle, for example, has an entire War bedroom with zillions of guns, live grenades, and often, half-blind, pulls out a gun to kill a bird in a tree, because while he can’t see very well, he can hit his target); and the ability to analyze those circumstances are the things ALONG with *possibly* an interesting environment (I grew up on Lake Michigan) that creates excellent story tellers. Not some wack job born in 1979, who writes about Zombies, how bloody cliche!

Travel the world, be more than a journalist, listen in on private conversations at the pub, and then write.

02 July

Star Day Five

Our child is not ADHD or ADD. He’s taken the tests. He jiggles a bit, but so do his father and I. Me, especially, I jiggle my leg ALL THE TIME. So, after to talking to my mum, who has been an educator for 40-some odd years, and is young enough to be hip with technology, and her and I agreed on a STAR program for the 12 yo, who will be entering 7th grade in two months.

The stars aren’t accruing fast enough, we are in day six at this juncture, and I took a peek at yesterday’s star-studded day, day five of the STAR plan. He received three and a half stars. I had put down two all ready, we told him he could put down the other one and a half, and he has now devalued his stars.

One star equates to one hour of computer time, two star for two hours of computer time, etc. Well, he stuck seventeen stars on yesterday, which has devalued the stars to be equivalent to approximately 15 minutes of computer time per star.

I guess only big people will be proffering stars now. In the scheme of things, if STARS were dollars, bread would cost 35 stars. I will continue to update you on this new parenting technique for a “disinterested in anything but the computer” 12 year old boy.