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15 February

Scott Wood Needs Hate Mail

I am trying to sell Jack’s iPhone on eBay, as we’ve sold the Mini Me’s old iPhone and mine. Jack had a company phone, but quit his job and I persuaded him, after months of nagging, to get an iPhone 5s. He then gave his 4s to the Mini Me for a month.

The Power button doesn’t work. This happened with one of our two year old 4s phones, and I disclosed it on eBay and it sold for $300. A guy from Colorado won the auction this week. His name is Scott Wood and he lives in Colorado. He has been sending me inappropriate messages through the eBay interface. Rude. Vulgar. Swearing. Insulting. He called me a cunt. A cunt. It dates him. Unless he’s British, which I highly doubt as his vocabulary and punctuation puts him at the low end of the totem pole.

Po Box 630287
Highlands Ranch, CO 80163
United States
(303) 683-3709

15 February

Guilty Wives by James Patterson

I have never put down a Patterson book, Guilty Wives is way different. I love his stories, particularly The Women’s Mystery Murder Club series. It starts with the outrageous situation with incredibly wealthy wives on vacation fornicating with strangers and drinking far more heavily than I’ve ever managed. (And I have had an hangover or two.) GuiltyWivesBookBut then the women are in a French prison, accused of killing the French president, and subjected to all kinds of torments. It’s clearly S&M based. I suspect the problem is the male co-author who has his own fantasies about women. They aren’t mine! I’d truly encourage Mr. Patterson to get back on track with good, intriguing stories. Not Mr. Ellis’s view of womanhood.

This story is told in flashback – four women go to Monte Carlo for a “girls weekend” – a weekend that leads to a sentence in a French prison. Why? What happened? What the women do not know is that their husbands have followed them to Monte Carlo and are watching them as they enjoy the city and all it has to offer.

The story of their weekend unfolds – they gamble, enjoy the beach and dine in the finest restaurants. They dance and drink and drink and drink.

It is clear they are not innocents – but are they guilty and of what?

The first twenty three chapters do make you want to know what happened, how it happened and who made it happen….

Four lovely women go on a vacation to a luxurious spot in Monte Carlo. They feel ready to be pampered as they each come from marriages where the spark of love is missing.

After enjoying the festivities, the women meet a number of men and continue their partying on a wealthy man’s yacht.

They are unaware that their husbands had followed them and have their own plan to rid themselves of their unfaithful wives.

The women also didn’t know that one of the men they were with was an influential politician in disguise.

The action explodes when gunman attack the yacht and kill a number of the men.

I can tell that James Patterson and David Ellis worked hard to help the reader visualize both Monte Carlo and France but there is such thing as TOO MUCH description and this entire book is a clear example of that. On the plus sides for this book, it was a great suspense read but it dragged on FOREVER and didn’t really pick up until you were about 70% into it.

15 February

Get a Clue to Competency IMDB

No, no, no, and seriously wtf? If you’re going to write a review, especially on a highly-trafficked site as IMDB and you write: “After graduating college, Piper moved to New York and was cast in a short film called Single Spaced (1997).” No one EVER graduates college you dumb cunt Aurelia.

Covert Affairs Description

Why doesn’t IMDB let people edit previous posts that have bad grammar?