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01 August

23 Steps Inn Review

I booked this B&B after a thorough internet research. There was only one TripAdvisor review but the website presented good reviews. I booked for Tues 12 July and Weds 13 July 2016. The photos do not represent the Hennessy Room and the website did not mention that there are no blinds in that bedroom, so I woke up with the chickens around 455AM.

But I couldn’t get to sleep the night before because it was freezing in the room and at 11PM when I was shivering with the spare blanket from the futon loving wrapped around me by Jon, he turned on the heat. Jon turned on the heat in the room because we knocked on the owners door

We were unable to turn off or down the Air Conditioning. The AC could ONLY be controlled by Lynnea and Ted. The owners told us to knock on their door with issues, but they did not answer! So my husband put on the heat because it was FRIGID in the room.

As you can see the curtains are set up in such a way that not only do you not get any dark, but you also don’t get any significant daylight! The room was dim and both my husband and I had work to do, which we were unable to do because this room is established incorrectly. The curtains have ONE side clip for you to put them on the side, but they are not on both windows. There should be four (4) clasps, but there are only two (2) as shown, to pull aside the drapes. This reno was clearly done by an incompetent moron.

The Hennessy Room did not have silverware, water glasses, napkins or paper towels, no tissues to blow your nose, no nightlight in the cavernous glaringly white bathroom.

The shower was long (~15 feet) and tiled, and unmanageable for me without handicap bars (and I’m not handicapped).

The Gray Dog Deli website states that they serve dinner Tuesday nights but close at 4PM. Contradictory and confusing. When we arrived at 430PM on Tues 13 July 2016, Ted told us that no place was open for dinner.

The WI Health Department should go to that B&B because they don’t have blinds. In Minnesota, where I live, it is illegal to have a bedroom or sleeping room that does not have blinds.

I would like a refund of my charges, and I would like to make sure that the B&B is operating legally so that other tourists don’t get hoodwinked like we did.