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09 September

Rachael Sarto


I am 52. I am dying. Of metastasized breast cancer. Located in my brain. While I don’t have an oncologist, because I tried with Dr. David Potter. He lied at the start of his phone call to me. I realize that most people don’t listen and therefore he feels like he can say whatever he wants. The problem is, I listen. Then again, that’s why doctor’s are said to have a G-d complex: because they don’t listen.

Sarto’s Linked In profile states, under job title of Clinical Social Worker/Therapist, Kind and direct clinical social worker and therapist with experience supporting people in the midst of loss, grief, change, physical illness, and mental illness,. I enjoy working with individuals, families, groups.

Uh. What just happened?

This is the introduction post to <B>every single solitary MSW in existence. Over all time.</B>

What’s she telling me about herself?

What makes her unique?

Nothing apparently. I should see her because she says she listens?

Her references on LinkedIn are a circle jerk from her coworkers. She has no information that tells me anything about her. In order for me to confide in someone, especially after 38 years of therapy, my grandmother treating me like a Catholic Church priest abuse victim, forcing me into therapy at 16, I’m not able to confide in someone who so clearly has zero personality.

Then her photos. A big part of my problem is that since I am beautiful, thin, and smart; I need a therapist that can understand unwanted attention from both sexes. My entire life, starting when I was 11–going to Dave Ziemer’s father’s dental office and getting cat called by construction. workers, I thought that was normal.

Juan Carlo didn’t say anything when I showed him her photo. He was pensive and then he replied, Yeah, there’s no way I can sit in session and look at her face.

Then an old home GF from Milwaukee came over and spent the day talking, making me feel less crazy because her manner of speaking is the way I speak. She is home. Like Sara Oxton is home because she has similar background to my sweet bearded Scandoboy. Highland Park has always reminded me of the North Shore. It’s a first tier suburb that still thinks it’s in the city. St. Paul is old and was built by Catholics. Jews too.