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12 December

Tullibee is Not the Bee’s Knees

Saving the Tullibee Narrowly defined, Tullibee aka Coregonus Artedi is known variously with the common names Cisco, Northern Cisco, Lake Herring, and Chub. It is a pelagic fish that can be found in the middle of cold water lakes in North America. In the northern and western parts of its range it is also found in large rivers. Diet is the tasty and nutritious zooplankton and insect larvae. Small fish, including some minnow species, are also known to be consumed at times.
Northern cisco are hunted by predatory villagers that love to eat them. Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout, Walleye, Yellow Perch, Northern Pike, Burbot, thinks they are very tasty, as they are huge part of the other fishies diet.