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18 October


I have to go look for a recipe, because my books are all clean living and nothing fattening. I am directing. What I do best. My husband is notating. His notations now say:

Fat bacon
Big scallops

Not my emphasis.

Anyway. I have me a Southern craving. I blame Texas, hell I could blame my Southern mum. Reality is I google a recipe and in the first sentence I see a typo:

“Texans have a unique way of rating restaurants that serve CFS. The restaurants are rated by the number of pickup trucks that is parked out in front.”

We have two problems. First of all, we have a mathematical problem and that is: singular means one, plural means more than one.

Additionally, it’s an English problem for the same reasons above.

Therefore, I don’t know if I can trust this recipe. Damn that irks me. But here it is for your perusal: http://whatscookingamerica.net/Beef/ChickenFriedSteak.htm

I still want my Chicken Friend Steak, but for right now I’m just going to window shop and drool a bit.

That looks like sausage gravy! And a biscuit! Oh. My. Goodness. Delicious!

03 July

Good Writers Come from Fucked Up Families

I was reading this blog post: http://woxo.blogspot.com/2012/01/are-you-fed-up-of-reviews.html, and then I went to see Roney’s bio for his book Dermaphobes on Amazon. Which HAS NO REVIEWS, BTW!!!

His bio states: “Sean F. Roney was born in Monterey County, California in 1979. California’s central coast region was a great place to grow up for Sean. Living almost halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco placed him in a wonderland of agriculture, forests and Pacific Ocean rocky beaches. The area sparked a lifetime of creative thinking, which carries on to this day in the form of stories.”

You have got to be kidding me! All my friends who are excellent fiction writers all grew up being fucked up, fucked around, and had to deal with the nuttiest sets of families. IMO, that is what makes a great writer: self-deprecating humour, a massively fucked up family (my Uncle, for example, has an entire War bedroom with zillions of guns, live grenades, and often, half-blind, pulls out a gun to kill a bird in a tree, because while he can’t see very well, he can hit his target); and the ability to analyze those circumstances are the things ALONG with *possibly* an interesting environment (I grew up on Lake Michigan) that creates excellent story tellers. Not some wack job born in 1979, who writes about Zombies, how bloody cliche!

Travel the world, be more than a journalist, listen in on private conversations at the pub, and then write.

15 February

Destination… Not in Sight

Yesterday I cleaned out Son Number Two’s room. We trimmed down to only one dresser. 52 donatable items, with another 11 to school for uniform clothes resale. I now have 12 items to list on eBay from his room including Oilily jeans, Wes and Willy and Mini Boden shirts and the dresser needs to go on Craigslist. We had a huge fire with twigs that are in the garage and a zillion shoe boxes from goodness knows how many pairs of shoes the kid has trashed. There are still more shoe boxes in his closet.

Essentially that is three full rooms that are done now. That leaves the other office because mine is beyond the pale, filled with eBay. That office needs a seam in the plaster fixed in the ceiling, all furniture moved out and a thorough cleaning and then a new paint colour.

My daughter’s bedroom is not even on the docket, but her office is getting ready for my sticky fingers to sell everything. She said yesterday that her room is the colour of shit. That’s what I get for going neutral Pottery Barn colours. But she has two great chairs from Room & Board and I just know I’m going to take a huge financial hit on the, They are super contemporary and adorable. The same furniture design, but not the patterns, is premiered in a new Parisian hotel in the 2nd A. They are great chairs, but they are more for a guy than a girl.

In moments I will start paperwork filing. It amazes me the amount of paper that ends up in this house.

This is also a plug for my book.

My book can be found for Kindle-only, here:

05 December

No Governor On My Mouth

I’m reading John Elder Robison’s book, “Look Me In the Eye…” and I’ve realized that perhaps I really have a gentle, innocuous form of Apsbergers. Not only do I randomly cuss out people I can’t stand, like clerks at stores, but I have absolutely no governor on my mouth when it comes to things I should. I say shit and fuck in public. What’s the big deal? If I had a better word than shit or fuck, I’d substitute it for that. But sometimes the best word is a generalist word like shit. As in, “You pre-date your items for sale? That’s wack and I don’t need you to explain your shitty system to me because it doesn’t make any sense.”

I should wear a button that says:


Which in Minnesota gets you kicked out of a store. Even if it’s a second hand store and there goes their sale. But it was 03 December 2007 and the item was marked 05 December 2007 and my logical brain goes, “WHOA, it’s not 05 December 2007 yet, was this mismarked and they meant 03 December 2006?”

Frankly I didn’t fucking care what the owners lackey’s excuse was about why she pre-dates items. I mean when I walked into the store she was talking to a woman about her vagina. She said vagina and a customer heard it. I figured she could handle the word shitty. But no, she told me, my husband and son to GET OUT. Well, fine, I don’t want your stupid pre-dated green silk pillows then! Even if they are cool and inexpensive by silk throw pillow standards. I’ll just have the pea run in and get the half-priced pink silk ones instead, with cash, no paper trail. And never GO BACK THERE AGAIN.

Instead of telling her she was a bitch when I was leaving the store, I should have told her she was the biggest douche in the universe. But those epiphanies always occur AFTER the fact.

So, I’m reading Robison’s book and it’s obvious I have no governor on my mouth, I like to make up weird names for my family and friends (although Unit 2 for Jack would be just wrong, and god only knows when I’d get laid again if I called him Unit 2), I have to have several generous Strongbows or Diet Cokes in my system to deal with people. Too much Diet Coke is like being on coke, it helps me function. My god if I was a drug addict I’d bankrupt us. But no, I can go to a pub and drink eight Diet Cokes in thirty minutes and act completely normal in the eyes of the people at the pub.

I also can spill ridiculous details about things like Hitler, WWII, France, The Tudors (longest reigning monarchy in England), and various other things I read about. I prefer books and movies to people, any day. But yet, I’m seen as a complete extrovert. Yet, when I have to deal with people in person I’m just exhausted after it. I want to sleep for a month. People wear me out. They are so boring and bloody self-absorbed and rarely can impart interesting details about things like I can. Should I hold other people up to my high standards of intelligence and hysterical knowledge? Well, yes, I think I should, Hol and M&M seem to be fine with it and they always have their own stories that are so bitchy and critical you can’t help but love them. Lala always tells me I have a big mouth, but that’s because, yup, you’ve got it, I have no governor on it, since I must have some form of Asperbergers. Shit.

Actually I think the problem is summed up by this fortune:


And NONE of those are my lucky numbers.

24 November

Good Living Writing SPAM?

I’m intrigued by SPAM, how do people come up with this content? For example:

Content Preview: It so hard to find a virgin nowadays. With the Personal Puss! Your dreams come true! Ordering your Personal Puss! You’ll receive a virgin pussy and experience new sensations of breaking the hymen. You don’t even need to read testimonials (although, there are tons of them) to understand that the Personal Pussy is the best male sex toy available. It feels like tight soft warm and wet pussy allowing you to experience real life like fuck.

Content Preview: Stop killing yourself with cigarettes. Cigarettes are filled with poisonous toxic chemicals that will take years off your life. Take the step towards changing your life now with LiveFree Patches, guaranted to help you stop smoking and give you a new lease on life!

I could so get a job writing that content! This one is great:

Content Preview: At our shop we specialize in top quality replica watches. Swiss engineering, precision crafted timepieces are perfect gifts. These products are not cheap imitations, they are genuine replicas of the real products. wearing these expensive looking replica watches is prestigious, they make a statement at work and at play. Enter our shop!

Content Preview: Remember how you felt when your dream girl shot you down? Well now you never have to feel that way again! Pheromones have been proven to work, and are guaranted to increase your attractiveness to women of all ages. Just look at some of the testimonials we have received back from 100% satisfied repeat customers!

Content Preview: Receive a real time experience of gambling without visiting a real casino! Golden Gate Casino is one of the best known internet casinos on the web. Just download free software, install it and start playing! Real gaming variety offers you Black Jack, Slots, Roulette Poker and more.

And if I get one more SPAM about penis size, ejaculatory volume and erections I’m going to scream!

Content Preview: Even if you have no erection problems Cialis would help you to make better sex more often and to bring unimaginable plesure to her. Just disolve half a pill under your tongue and get ready for action in 15 minutes! The tests showed that the majority of men after taking this medication were able to have perfect erection during 36 hours!

Or how about breasts?

Content Preview: Natural breast enhancement SizeUp is the best choice for women disappointed with ineffective creams or pumps, women who don’t want to have dangerous surgery, but still dream of big firm and beautiful breasts. Our customers appreciate the speed of delivery, guaranteed privacy of any given information, easy ordering process. We ship worldwide in safe and discreet wrapping.

And this one I get all the time, it sounds definitely attractive. I think they mean cervix, but who am I to know what they hell they want to say?

Content Preview: Beat her womb with your new big rod, so that she knew who wears the pants! And really take advantage of anArnhold & S. Bleichroeder in 1967 and 1968, but had refused the first In 1970, Soros teamed up with Jimmy Rogers, a Yale graduate, class of Do you believe in wonders? We guess you’re likely to answer negatively. We hadn’t believed, either…until the moment MegaDick was introduced! The action of this remedy on a male penis cannot be called otherwise than a Miracle! Just imagine, that your love stick suddenly becomes longer and thicker and makes women tremble with passion! It’s fabulous!

Well fabulous is definitely not what I’d call some fuckhead driving his cock into my cervix, I’d call that damn painful. Unless I was getting paid for it. Wait, strike that. I should never have said that.