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26 July

Terminal Illness Insurance

I had the bandwidth after the walk to call MNCare. My 3rd phone call for Medicaid. Again I was told they COULD NOT help me over the phone and I’d have to do a paper application that takes 45 days to be processed.
Meanwhile bills from 01 April 2017 are already in <B>collections</B>.
Pink notices and hassling phone calls have begun even though UCare is rerunning my claims because they charged me $4000 more than my deductible.
So Wenzel, when you say it was immediate for Kim, I’m glad. Clearly Wisconsin in 2014 gave terminal cancer patients a better experience than I’m currently having just cross the ole Mississippi.
Jon called and ended up hearing that “Michele’s disability does not qualify her for anything. Benefits are based on income.”
Thank you Minnesota. California is looking better every minute.
Calling the Federal Social Security office tomorrow.
I’m exhausted and I’m a mess. Crying. Anxious. All upset.
And today I miss my Grandma. I miss her so much, because she’d talk to me about the The District health insurance crazy and she’d tell me she loved my piece about high school and turning 18. My baptism of fire in to health insurance, October 1983.
Pre-existing conditions. Sadness from teachers and an actual hug from Irwin.
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